Bach & Sons

Bach & Sons

Starring Simon Russell Beale, Nina Raine’s play about composer Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons Wilhelm and Carl, is an anthem to the art that draws us together and sings of our common humanity.

SYNOPSIS: Johann Sebastian Bach, irascible and turbulent, writes music of sensuous delight for his aristocratic patrons, and gives voice to his deep religious faith in music for the church. His eldest son, Wilhelm, is brilliant, chaotic and paralysed by his father’s genius. Tense, industrious Carl is less talented than his father but more successful. As the years pass, their gripping family drama provokes furious arguments about love, God and above all music.

Directed by Nicholas Hytner

Cast: Simon Russell Beale, Samuel Blenkin, Pandora Colin, Ruth Lass, Douggie McMeekin, Racheal Ofori and Pravessh Rana

Show Times: Monday- Saturday @7:30pm, Wednesday and Saturday @2:30pm