My Brilliant Friend: Parts One and Two

My Brilliant Friend: Parts One and Two

SYNOPSIS: When the most important person in her life goes missing without a trace, Lenu Greco, now a celebrated author, begins to recall a relationship of more than 60 years. First meeting on the dangerous streets of postwar Naples, friends Lila and Lenu experience turbulent social and political change, from the rise of the Camorra to the sexual revolution and the transformation of their neighbourhood, city and nation. Even as life repeatedly tries to pull them in separate directions, they remain inextricably bound to one another.

Directed by Melly Still

Cast: Justin Avoth, Adam Burton, Niamh Cusack, Martin Hyder, Cathryn McCormack, Victoria Moseley, Emily Mytton, Jonah Russell, Ira Mandela Siobhan, Badria Timimi, Emily Wachter, Toby Wharton

Show Times: Parts One and Two will run in-repertory, see website for schedule.

Tickets from £15
  • Running Time: Part One: 2 hours 45 minutes, including interval; Part Two: 2 hours 45 minutes, including interval
  • Playwright: Based on the novels by Elena Ferrante, adapted for the stage by April De Angelis