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Off-Broadway News Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• Park Avenue Armory
• First Preview: June 3, 2023
• Opening: June 13, 2023
• Playwright: Robert Icke, adapted from Arthur Schnitzler
• Director: Robert Icke
• Cast: Juliet Stevenson

On an ordinary day, at a private hospital, a young woman fights for her life. A priest arrives to save her soul. Her doctor refuses him entry.

In a divisive time, in a divided nation, a society takes sides.

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: June 13, 2023
• Playwright: Alex Howarth
• Director: Alex Howarth
• Cast: Alex Brain, Emily McGlynn, Michaela Murphy, Helen Chong

Can kids be parents? Three sisters in foster care wrestle with that question as they try to write the next chapter in their story after important pages are torn out in this new play from Patch of Blue. Based on real life events and interviews with children in foster care, the show incorporates live music and video projection to transport audiences between the adult world and the at once more honest and more fantastical world of childhood, where much is mysterious but everything is possible.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: June 13, 2023
• Playwright: Nikhil Parmar
• Director: Georgia Green
• Cast: Nikhil Parmar

Meet Zayan, an under-employed actor and over-employed dealer who sees himself as the hapless lead in the sitcom that is his life. Everyone else sees him as lazy, self-centered, and useless – if they even notice him at all. As Zayan attempts to transition from being neglected to being notorious, we see how a man whose brushes with oppression, grief, and the sneaking suspicion that he’s become invisible have driven him to the unforgivable.

• Theatre At St. Clement's
• First Preview: June 13, 2023
• Opening: June 20, 2023
• Playwright: Richard Hellesen
• Director: Peter Ellenstein
• Cast: John Rubinstein

• Park Avenue Armory
• First Preview: June 14, 2023
• Opening: June 20, 2023
• Playwright: Liz Kingsman
• Director: Adam Brace
• Cast: Liz Kingsman

• New World Stages
• First Preview: June 2, 2023
• Opening: June 21, 2023
• Playwright: Larry Marshak, Rose Caiola
• Music: Gary Kupper
• Director: Randal Myler
• Cast: Constantine Maroulis, Joe Pantoliano, Bob Ari, Valisia Lekae, Jamonte D. Bruten, Andy Christopher, AJ Davis, Autumn Guzzardi, Anna Hertel, Matthew Morgan, Dominque Scott, Eric B. Turner, Joe Barbara, Natalie Kaye Clater, Lawrence Dandridge, Chase Peacock, Brownyn Tarboton

Rock & Roll Man takes place on the last day of Alan Freed’s life during a fever dream in which J. Edgar Hoover (as prosecutor) and Little Richard (as defense attorney) face off in a fantasy courtroom with Freed’s legacy on trial. Freed brought the sound of rock & roll to the world, popularizing Black artists including legends Chuck Berry and Little Richard. He played their music, produced their concerts, and found an audience coast to coast, becoming “the voice” of a generation. For the first time in history, Black and white artists performed together on stage, for multi-racial audiences. Freed risked everything to integrate the airwaves and unite audiences across America through their love of music.

• Theater 555
• First Preview: June 14, 2023
• Opening: June 22. 2023
• Book, Music, and Lyrics: Paul Gordon
• Director: Rachel Klein
• Cast: Katey Sagal, Lauren Elder, Badia Farha, Maria Habeeb, Darron Hayes, Jeremy Kushnier, Maya Lagerstam, Carson Stewart, Wayne Wilson, Brittany Nicole Williams, Zach Rand, Sarita Amani Nash

Heather Krebs wants a boyfriend, but how can she navigate her way through high school if she might be the new Messiah? A small town in Ohio grapples with politics, religion, and teenage romance in this pop musical featuring a book, music, and lyrics by Tony nominee Paul Gordon.

• Theatre Two @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: June 17, 2023
• Opening: June 23. 2023
• Playwright: James T. Lane
• Director: Kenny Ingram
• Cast: James T. Lane

Triple Threat recounts the actor, James T. Lane's, moving, redemptive journey – from his against-all-odds rise in entertainment to near death cataclysmic fall, and his extraordinary return to the top. Acting, singing, and dancing his way through pivotal scenes from his life, Lane reveals that he is, indeed, a triple threat – just not always the kind he or anyone else ever envisioned.

• First Preview: June 21, 2023
• Opening: June 26, 2023
• Book and Lyrics: Ben Beckley, Nate Weida
• Music: Nate Weida
• Director: Jess Chayes
• Cast: RJ Christian, Zoe Siegel, Jessica Frey, Austin Owens Kelly, Monica Ho, Wesley Zurick, Ben Beckley, Ben Caplan, Devon Meddock

There's only one corporation left on the planet. Everything seems to be sunshine and rainbows—until a survivor from the outside world named K arrives and challenges the efficient and numbing status quo. Inspired by Franz Kafka's The Castle, Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener, and the artists' own experiences, In Corpo looks at the the seductiveness of technology and how corporations and bureaucracies limit autonomy and self-expression. And it's all set to an electro-folk-funk score.

• Delacorte Theater
• First Preview: June 8, 2023
• Opening: June 28, 2023
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Kenny Leon
• Cast: Ato Blankson-Wood, John Douglas Thompson, Solea Pfeiffer, Lorraine Toussaint, Daniel Pearce, Nick Rehberger, Brandon Gill, Mitchell Winter, Warner Lewis, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Greg Hildreth, Colby Lewis, Mikhail Calliste, Liam Craig, Safiya Kaijya Harris, Lauryn Hayes, LaWanda Hopkins, Jaylon Jamal, TrÍ Lê, Cornelius McMoyler, Laughton Royce, Lance Alexander Smith, Myxolydia Tyler, William Oliver Watkins, Lark White, Bryce Michael Wood

When Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is visited by the ghost of his father, who instructs his son to "revenge his foul and most unnatural murder" at the hands of the late King's brother Claudius, the young Prince is struck with uncertainty, and hems and haws his way through Shakespeare's classic tragedy, often considered the bard's greatest masterpiece.

• Theatre For A New Audience @ Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: July 9, 2023
• Playwright: Tennessee Williams
• Director: Erica Schmidt
• Cast: Christopher Abbott, Maggie Siff

Tennessee Williams’s steamy and lyrical Orpheus Descending is a love story and a tragedy, telling of the passion of a storekeeper’s wife and a wandering guitar player and their doomed escape attempt from a hell of small-mindedness. Set in a dry-goods store in the 1950s deep South, the play’s toxic brew of Jim Crow, xenophobia, and provincialism evokes an American past that unfortunately is not the past, with open acceptance of hatred leading inevitably to violence.

• The Cell Theatre
• First Preview: June 8, 2023
• Opening: July 12, 2023
• Playwright: Samantha Hurley
• Director: Tyler Struble
• Cast: Tessa Albertson, Janae Robinson, Brian Fiddyment

Dealing with an absent father, a neglectful mother, and mean-spirited classmates, Shelby Hinkley's eighth grade is proving to be a hard time. To cope with it all, Shelby focuses on the best thing about 2004: Spiderman. When leading an online fan club is no longer enough, she decides to kidnap and marry Tobey Maguire; but will the actor live up to her happily-ever-after fantasies?

• Irish Repertory Theatre
• First Preview: July 1, 2023
• Opening: July 13, 2023
• Playwright: Deirdre Kinahan
• Director: Louise Lowe
• Cast: Marie Mullen and Jamie O'Neill

On the morning of her 67th birthday, Máire sits up in bed enjoying a cigarette. She has recently been swept off her feet by a stranger and hasn’t felt this alive in years, but a visit from her son with dark revelations challenges the euphoria.

• 59E59 Theater A
• First Preview: July 13, 2023
• Opening: July 18, 2023
• Book: Sam Wright, Nicholas Collett
• Music and Lyrics: Sam Wright
• Director: Nicholas Collett
• Cast: Tim Ahlenius, Chris Arnone, Bridget Casad, PT Mahoney, Christian Thomas Owen, Margaret Shelby, Stefanie Stevens, Franci Talamantez-Witte, Sam Wright, Mark Hamblin, Chris Hudson

The hapless Longborn boys have exhausted all the employment options of East Tennessee and must now marry rich before they lose the family farm. Luckily “a young single woman in possession of a good fortune” has just moved into the ranch next door and brought along ridiculously wealthy songstress Darcy Fitzwilliams, not that banjo-picking Bennett Longborn would stoop to woo her for any amount of money.

• Lincoln Center Theater @ Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater
• First Preview: June 23, 2023
• Opening: July 20, 2023
• Playwright: Candrice Jones
• Director:  Lileana Blain-Cruz
• Cast: Brittany Bellizeare, Christiana Clark, Renita Lewis, Erica Matthews, Ciara Monique, Tamera Tomakili

Flex tells the story of a girls’ high school basketball team from Plainnole, Arkansas. It’s 1997, and the women of the Lady Train team are inspired by the successes of the WNBA. With aspirations of going pro, they must first navigate the pressures of being young, Black, and female in rural Arkansas. Will their fouls off the court tear their team apart? Or can they keep their pact to stick together through hell or high water?

• 59E59 Theater B
• First Preview: June 21, 2023
• Opening: July 25, 2023
• Playwright: Charles White
• Director: Florante Galvez
• Cast: TBA

Set in the heady days of late 2008, with the Obama campaign as a backdrop, an upper-middle class African American family wrestles internalized racism, class anxiety, and each other when a sudden job loss and a revelation about their shared past threaten to upend their comfortable lives. Tempers and tensions boil over at a cherished Long Island vacation home that becomes the focal point of an intense family drama.

• Theater 555
• Opening: July 29, 2023
• Book: Jonathan Rockefeller
• Music and Lyrics: Tom Kitt, Helen Park, Nate Edmonson
• Director: Jonathan Rockefeller
• Cast: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Rosita, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, The Count

Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Rosita, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Gabrielle, and a whole host of Sesame Street favorites will venture onto the stage to appear in their very own musical– starring… well, themselves.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: July 13, 2023
• Opening: July 31, 2023
• Playwright: Inua Ellams
• Director: Taibi Magar
• Cast:Jason Bowen, Mister Fitzgerald, Patrice Johnson Chevannes, Michael Laurence, Lizan Mitchell, Jennifer Mogbock, Alexandra Silber

When Demi, the half Nigerian-mortal, half Greek-god, is angry, rain clouds gather. When he cries, rivers burst their banks. And the first time he takes a shot on a basketball court, the deities of the land wake up.

• LCT3 / Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: July 15, 2023
• Opening: July 31, 2023
• Playwright: Zarina Shea
• Director: Margot Bordelon
• Cast: Rhea Perlman, Arielle Goldman, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer

Patty is an Upper West Side lady of more than moderate means who’s lived according to self-prescribed rules and routines: lots of exercise and very few calories. When her daughter Cecile experiences sudden whirlwind success as a sculptor and turns to cocaine to help cope, Patty, with help from her overextended niece Sammy, must navigate challenges that push her well outside her carefully curated comfort zone.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: August 8, 2023
• Playwright: Brendan George
• Director: Peter Charney
• Cast: Brendan George

Meet Milo, a nervous young man who shares the stage with an urn. But things aren’t as dark as they seem. Milo is trying to give a eulogy for his friend Roman, but the ceremony proves unexpectedly difficult, and attendees are voluntarily enlisted to help him complete the memorial. Together, they celebrate life, confront death, and make a promise of their own.

• 59E59 Theater B
• First Preview: August 12, 2023
• Opening: August 14, 2023
• Playwright: Robert Montano
• Director: Jessi D. Hill
• Cast: Robert Montano

Bobby is a small Puerto Rican/Italian kid from Long Island with a big dream. Soon he’s galloping headlong into the strange, obsessive world of professional horse racing. But the track is as dangerous as it is exciting, full of colorful characters and powerful beasts. The jockeys and their associates form a makeshift brotherhood even as they wrestle with the extremes of their sport. But will Bobby outgrow his dream or be consumed by it?

• Minetta Lane Theatre
• First Preview: September 8, 2023
• Opening: September 17, 2023
• Playwright: Rebecca Gilman
• Director: Robert Falls
• Cast: Mary Beth Fisher, Kirsten Fitzgerald, Anne E. Thompson, Bubba Weiler, Laura T. Fisher, Jessica Ervin, Jack Lancaster

Feuds erupt between once-friendly neighbors when an out-of-state power company starts a land grab in a rural Wisconsin community. Peg, a retired teacher, fights to save the land she loves – but it's hard to know who your friends are in a world where politics are more polarized than ever. Pulitzer Prize finalist Rebecca Gilman draws a contemporary portrait of America’s heartland in a time when it seems like everyone has a different idea of what it means to be an American.

• WP Theater
• Opening: September 23, 2023
• Playwright: Eliana Pipes
• Director: Rebecca Martínez
• Cast: TBA

While trying to ditch class, Nathan, a white boy with family money who steals for sport, encounters Melody, an academic overachiever and the lone Black girl on campus, crying in a storage closet. They form an unexpected bond, but it’s not long before the heat between them boils over. Bite Me explores the drama (and trauma) of trying to fit in at high school and the unfinished business that haunts them when they reunite a decade later.

• Public Theater/Newman Theater
• First Preview: October 24, 2023
• Opening: November 19, 2023
• Book: Kristoffer Diaz
• Music and Lyrics: Alicia Keys
• Director: Michael Greif
• Cast: Shoshana Bean, Chad Carstarphen, Rein Clarke, Chloe Davis, Nico DeJesus, Brandon Victor Dixon, Timothy L. Edwards, Badia Farha, Vanessa Ferguson, Crystal Monee Hall, Gianna Harris, Chris Lee, Jackie Leon, Kecia Lewis, Raechelle Manalo, Maleah Joi Moon, Onyxx Noel, Sarah Parker, William Roberson, Niki Saludez, Mariand Torres, Donna Vivino, Lamont Walker II

In a cramped apartment hanging off the side of Times Square, 17-year-old Ali is desperate to get her piece of the New York dream. Ali’s mother is just as determined to protect her daughter from the same mistakes she made. When Ali falls for a talented young drummer, both mother and daughter must face hard truths about race, defiance, and growing up. Ali feels trapped, until the sound of a neighbor playing piano opens the door to an unexpected friendship and a radically different future.

• Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
• First Preview: November 16, 2023
• Opening: December 5, 2023
• Playwright: Mary Kathryn Nagle
• Director: Laurie Woolery
• Cast: TBA

A gripping journey from the fur trade of the 1600s to the stock trade of today, Mary Kathryn Nagle's Manahatta tells the story of Jane Snake, a brilliant young Native American woman with a Stanford MBA. Jane reconnects with her ancestral Lenape homeland, known as Manahatta, when she moves from Oklahoma to New York for a banking job just before the 2008 financial meltdown. Jane’s struggle to reconcile her new life with the expectations and traditions of her family and Nation are powerfully interwoven with the heartbreaking history of the Delaware Nation's expulsion from their land. Both old and new Manahatta converge in a lesson about the dangers of living in a society where there’s no such thing as enough.

• WP Theater
• Opening: January 27, 2024
• Playwright: Corinne Jaber
• Director: Lee Sunday Evans
• Cast: TBA

Childhood friends, Caroline and Alice reestablish contact after more than 20 years. As they begin to unravel shared memories, they discover the part that Caroline’s father, a renowned theater actor, played in both their lives and how it affects them to this very day. Corinne Jaber’s new play captures the wild vulnerability of youth and the heavy armature of adulthood in unsparing, theatrical detail.

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